This call to action is an encouragement for you to start networking already. This for those of you who have been through one too many late night slumber parties. Lonely late at night, you are stuck at your desktop, battling it out with a few old geezers who have become just as addicted to you playing the same old war games over and over again. The winning rounds get passed around regularly enough and where’s the fun in that. Really, guys, isn’t time you get a life.


While you’ve all been stuck in the trenches, the world has moved on. Not just one, but several world orders have come and gone. The reason why they are gone is because championship level gamers out there have nuked them out into the stratosphere. Just check out the Geometry Dash World game and see the sophisticated tools but still basic tools these guys are messing around lately. And you’re probably wondering; how the heck could they afford these new gadgets and gizmos. Yup, quite right, the best hardware and software can be quite pricy.

But come on man, for crying out loud, broaden your horizons. Isn’t that what your smart mobile device is there for? Pick up your nicely waxed surfboard and go surf the nets like you’ve never done in your life before. You’ll be up to a new level and in the galaxies that you’ll be transgressing; you’ll see that there are no limits to the number of stars and planets you can now Now, this is the new world order. This order of business shows you how quickly the gaming universe continues to expand. No-one dares to be left behind, skipping from planet to planet in far out space crafts that even the legends and rogues would be impressed by.

It sounds all daunting for those of you still burying yourselves in the trenches. Brush the sand off of your battle jackets and get a move on because the next flight, oh, wait, there it goes again, it just left, but wait, there’s another one, gosh, there it goes again, coming around in the next eight seconds. Seven, six, five, four, one – a digit was skipped –see how quickly you’ve got to move in this universe. But don’t you worry, there’s masters out there who will help to awaken the new warrior in you.