Gambling in Singapore is illegal and punishable by a fine, jail time, or both. Only a few small exceptions were made for some local Singapore clubs, and doing any gambling on sites or in places other than the two legal clubs (Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Clubs) is illegal, even if done accidentally.

Betting with bookies, joining an online poker match in a cafĂ©, or betting on sports that aren’t specified by those clubs is illegal for online gambling Singapore.

So how do you gamble either physically or online without gambling with 6 months of jail time or a hefty fine?

online gambling Singapore

Well, both clubs only cater to horse racing, soccer, Toto, and F1 games. Casino games are not allowed under this system, and betting overseas is also illegal. Making a bet on a soccer game and then a horse race while watching the success or failure of that bet change in mere moments can be a massive rush of adrenaline.

It’s especially a good and fun way to enjoy a game and make a little extra money too, provided the odds are in your favor. Both legal options also give several sports the ability to be bet on, so if you aren’t a soccer fan then there may be something else for you.

However, for some people, this isn’t enough, and they want to play a game of high stakes online poker and win big despite living or working in Singapore. That dream isn’t impossible.

Mobile gambling from the comfort of your own home is a private game on your own property, and by doing some research into websites that are legal in their own countries you can technically play a casino game out of the government’s jurisdiction.

However, to avoid the reach of the law it’s best for most citizens to only gamble online and in a private place on occasion. Although gambling privately isn’t against the law, multiple instances of private gambling can raise red flags for authorities.

By keeping gambling stakes small and infrequent. It’s possible to gamble on perfectly legal overseas sites on your own property, but it is a legal grey area to the Singaporean government.

So the best way to do online gambling singapore or physical gambling is either to go to the clubs or stay in your home. In both cases you’ll still get the same adrenaline rush and money in your pocket, so isn’t that a win either way?